We get the question many time about the Rolex No-Date Submariner reference 14060M. I will take some time to review and explain this model for our readers. If you have any further questions feel to e-mail us at MontreSwissSales@aol.com or call us at 417-454-4000.


The Rolex 14060M was introduced by Rolex in 2001.

This would make the “P” serial the oldest with the “M” in the model number. The 14060 without the “M” was introduced to the public in 1990 as the successor to the Rolex 5513 that was introduced in 1962. It featured the Rolex caliber 3000 movement. In 1998, Rolex introduced the Caliber 3130 movement and modified the 14060 with it and gave it the “M” in the model number.

The Rolex 14060M was the last of the original Rolex sports line and the very last Rolex produced with lug holes. It was also the last to have the aluminum bezel insert and stamped bracelet clasp and end-links.

Some of the Rolex 14060’s and 14060M’s have a case-back stamped 2160 due to a standardized part number system at Rolex. The 2160 case-back will fit the 14060, 14060M, 16610, and the 16613 models.

The bracelet of the 14060M is 93150.

In 2007, the Rolex 14060M was changed to 4-line text because it became COSC certified instead of the 2-line, non-COSC.

14060M-No-Date-Submariner-MontreSwiss-4-line-ZM-blk-a.jpg (500×628)

In late 2008, Rolex began the inner bezel engraving or engraved rehaut and at this point the started using the newer sapphire crystals with the laser etched crown at 6 O’clock.

In 2010, Rolex began the scrambled serial 14060M.

In 2012, Rolex introduced the newest upgrade to this line and gave it the model number 114060.

Rolex 114060

Rolex 114060