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This article meets or exceeds the demanding standards and specifications set by MONTRE SWISS, LLC. This item is 100% authentic and genuine, it is in pristine condition, functions properly and accurately and comes with a full fourteen day return money back guaranty *please review our return policy here. MONTRE SWISS, LLC is not responsible for photography errors, description errors and omissions in this article. Changes and modifications to this description may be made at any time and for any reason without notice.

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MONTRE SWISS, LLC warranty is for a full three years unless otherwise specified in writing by your sales agent. The dependable operation of this article for a period of three years from the date of purchase. Modification, tampering, unauthorized repair and abuse void warranty.

MONTRE SWISS, LLC is the sole warrantor of this article, original factory warranty no longer apply.

MONTRE SWISS, LLC Service & Warranty Division and The MONTRE SWISS, LLC Service Center, services and repairs Swiss Made watches and timepieces.

The MONTRE SWISS, LLC Service and Warranty Division has over 40 years experience as Swiss Timepiece specialist, factory trained and certified "Watchmaker". The credentials include AWCI's CW21 certified (What is AWCI?) as one of the world's leading watchmakers. Our watchmakers are certified graduate watchmakers with continuing Swiss Watch education including training from the Rolex Dallas Training Facility. Members of our watchmaking team are also SAWTA certified (What is SAWTA?). 

MONTRE SWISS, LLC is dedicated to setting the highest standards in Swiss Timepiece excellence.

MONTRE SWISS, LLC has a complete Swiss watch service center.

MONTRE SWISS, LLC does our own inhouse photography, and research.

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